Publications of Kamala Quale, MSOM,LAc

Meridian Health Almanac

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  • Find out more about yourself and your amazing body
  • See health and wellness from a different point of view
  • Get monthly tips about physical and emotional well-being
  • Learn about how we are connected from stars to meridians
  • Experience how your life changes when you attune to the flow of nature

80 Pages
Cost:  $13.50
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HeartMind Solutions Handbook

Methods for Transforming the Roots of Pain and Stress 
Meditations on the Self, Asian Bodywork, and Acupuncture in the Clinical Setting

A Clinical Guide that teaches how to use:
— Five-phase principles for healing relationship and stages of a session
— Foundational Skills to:

  • Educate and clarify goals
  • Establish mindfulness
  • Use and experimental attitude for self-discovery
  • Improve observation, listening and communication
  • Establish inner resources

—How to Work with emotional intelligence

60 pages
Cost:  $15.00
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Walking Qigong

This e-book with web and print versions has complete instructions and video clips to teach you traditional qigong walks that:

  • Strengthen your body and increase balance
  • Create inner resilience and creativity in mind and body to counteract stress and illness
  • Improve mental focus and right-left brain coordination
  • Calm the mind and balance the emotions
  • Combine walking with sacred sound to augment physical healing
  • Integrate qigong walking with the cycle of the Five Elements to create a symbolic, intuitive dance that helps find creative answers to personal problems
  • Teaches about the philosophy behind qigong

36 pages
Cost: $9.95
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