HeartMind Solutions Professional Trainings

heartmind solutions trainings

Everyday in the clinic you see people who feel stuck, indecisive, worried, anxious, and out of touch with themselves and their feelings. As a practitioner you may sense that this is the root of their physical issues but not know how to address it directly. Some people are easy and inspiring to work with, and others seem contained and resistant. Maintaining rapport, discovering underlying issues, and supporting inner resources are often the keys to healing chronic pain, stress and trauma.

Creativity, vitality, immunity and optimal health are enhanced when we can assist our patients in self-awareness that quiets reactive mental and emotional activity and enhances body awareness and inner guidance. This work is essential for physical conditions that don’t heal.

Inner guidance is overshadowed most of the time by our habitual responses, and the self-limiting beliefs that motivate them. These in turn, have negative effects in the body which takes it cue from the mind. Everything from tension and poor body posture to hormone imbalance, insomnia, digestive issues and the like can proceed from habitual and conditioned mind-body responses.

Complement your acupuncture and Asian bodywork with simple and effective heartmind methods that help you observe, communicate and relate to your patients in a more comprehensive and healing way. Stop chasing symptoms and guide your patients to do the inner work that is necessary for optimal health.

  • Make your job easier and more successful by helping your clients discover how they can take a more conscious and active part in their healing.
  • Learn to sort through the storyline and focus on the heart of the matter quickly.
  • Make your assessment and treatment more effective by increasing the depth of understanding you have about your client.
  • Keep clients longer by working with difficult situations that require special listening and communication skills.
  • Feel comfortable with naming and exploring feelings that are present.
  • Use body awareness to explore and transform emotional states like anxiety, anger, fear and trauma.
  • Understand the dynamics of “resistance” in a new way and help clients work through them.
  • Learn methods you can teach your patients to increase self care.
  • Learn to keep your energy clear.


  • Download the HeartMind Solutions clinical manual from the Publications page of this site. This manual contains detailed information about HeartMind skills that you can use immediately in your practice.
  • Watch the “Body Stories” video which teaches skills in the context of case studies. This video will be approved for 4 PDA points by the NCCAOM. I strongly suggest you get the clinical manual as a supplement to the video.
  • Individual or group supervision via Zoom conferencing
  • Live workshops to practice skills and get in person supervision will be listed in the Events section of this website.

For any questions about classes and supervision, and the link to the “Body Stories” video contact Kamala at kquale@heartmindsolutions.com or leave a message at 541-345-2220. I will return your call promptly.