Sessions With Kamala

The first appointment begins with talking about you and your medical history. I will ask questions about the presenting condition and about your physical and emotional health in general. When we are finished I will ask to look at your tongue and take your pulse.

The color of the tongue, its shape and coating indicate how your body is functioning on the inside. Oriental medicine practitioners have correlated what they observe on the tongue with internal conditions for thousands of years. In the same way we feel the pulse at your wrist on each side for rate, rhythm, strength and quality. There are about 28 qualities of the pulse identified in Oriental medicine. About nine of these are very common and reflect the quality and functioning of the 12 primary organ meridian systems or meridians.

After you lay down on the massage table, I will press different points and get a sense of areas of tension on your face, neck, shoulders, torso, arms and legs. This will give both of us a better idea of places that your body holds tension, and acupuncture points that we will want to use.

If we are addressing a physical problem with acupuncture, I will insert from four to twenty thin needles in appropriate points. I will then spend a little time helping you relax and suggesting a specific breathing or visualization technique that you can try to help you focus healing awareness in your body. Acupuncture treatments encourage a feeling of relaxation, and many people drift into a pleasant nap. Most of the time you lay with the needles inserted for 15 or 20 minutes.

If we are addressing an emotional issue or we are exploring how stress is affecting your body or physical symptoms, I will ask you to focus internally and notice your how your breath, body or mood change as you are feeling whatever situation you are facing in your life. With specific touch to acupressure points or with the insertion of needles along with inner focusing we allow the process to unfold. Mindful awareness and curiosity in a safe environment, help to quiet thoughts and allow new insights to emerge. The next step in the healing process becomes apparent.


Many companies do cover acupuncture. Check with your insurance company about your particular policy. I am a preferred provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Providence Insurance, Pacific Source, MODA, and any companies that cover auto accidents. We bill these companies directly.

You can call my office with any questions (541) 345-2220

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