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According to Taoist (pronounced Daoist) cosmology, which is a study of the structure and origin of the universe, qi (chee) or vital life energy, is the basic constituent of all things both visible and invisible. Qi is the movement force of the universe. Movement, flux and change characterize the universe we live in. Since matter and qi (energy) are interchangeable, we feel the best when we can flow harmoniously with the shifting movement of change. Illness and stress can imbalance the inner movement of qi and cause pain and dis-ease.

An abundance of energy is with us in every moment. Qigong forms are methods that teach us to recognize, absorb and direct qi movement in body and mind to bring healing and peace. They include focused movements, breathing, meditation, and visualizations that help us consciously connect our inner world with our outer environment to increase healing and vitality.

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Qi Gong Retreat in Yachats – practice on the beach. The Three Treasures – Shen, Qi, Jing.
Qi Gong at the coast. Pacific Ocean at Florence South Jetty beach. Oregon.
Qi Gong Retreat in Yachats – sundown practice. The Three Treasures – Shen, Qi, Jing.