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HeartMind Solutions offers trainings and retreats for acupuncturists, Asian bodyworkers and other complementary healthcare practitioners.

In Chinese medicine the term “shen” is used in conjunction with the expressive creativity of human beings, and the light of consciousness that shines in the eyes and is harbored in the immaterial heart. The word HeartMind references shen, which is one of our three treasures along with jing (our physical body) and qi (our vitality).

Jingqishen is another way of saying bodymindspirit. With HeartMind methods we focus shen to heal jing and qi.

Everyday in the clinic you see people who are in physical pain and also feel stuck, indecisive, worried, anxious, and out of touch with themselves and their feelings. Some people are easy and inspiring to work with, and others seem contained and resistant. Maintaining rapport, discovering underlying issues that manifest physically, and supporting inner resources are often the keys to healing chronic pain, stress and trauma. In HeartMind Solutions™ trainings and retreats you learn to do this with skillfulness, presence and compassion.



HeartMind Solutions™ offers a partnership model that takes pressure off the practitioner to be the healing expert. Through a unique and mindfulness based therapeutic relationship, you guide awareness, along with needles and touch, to discover stuck mental patterns and the inner resources that heal them. Clients learn to see their blind spots, relax around pain, soothe emotional stress, and use their bodies as a resource for change.

As limiting attitudes, emotions, and core beliefs transform, the doorway to the direct experience of essential self is opened. Clients can feel their peaceful and expansive ground of inner being. Body and mind are relaxed, and clarity about the next step for healing emerges. Practitioner and client join in an inner journey that is not only a powerful catalyst for transforming negative attitudes and emotions, but also an intuitional dance that reveals the subtle truth.

What an amazing class series you have put together! This work is needed and at the heart of what we do in our practices. M. Z., LAc, Shiatsu practitioner, Portland, OR

When you use HeartMind skills you will feel more satisfied after a session, less frustrated with difficult patients, and more collaborative with your clients. By addressing the whole person, the healing process becomes a spiritual journey. You can learn to stop chasing symptoms and let the therapeutic relationship be your guide.

Studies show that the single most important factor in healing is the relationship between practitioner and client. HeartMind studies helps you improve the quality of presence you bring to that therapeutic connection. As you integrate self reflection, proper pacing, letting go and embracing the moment, your healing presence grows. This adds to your ability to be a more effective healer and guide. You see yourself and your clients through a lens that is different from thought and analysis.

This was an excellent class, very sensitively taught by Kamala. A very rich and practical teaching that will definitely improve my clinical practice. D.S., MD, Portland, OR

When treated with this approach, clients feel truly listened to and understood. They find increased value and satisfaction in their sessions, and tell others about their experiences. This enhances your practice and brings in new referrals.

A very useful experience, beyond expectations. E. G., DC, ND, LAc,
Portland, OR

Individual supervision and coaching occurs in workshops, webinars and conference calls, retreats and personal mentoring. In every workshop Kamala teaches skills that you can immediately apply in your practice. These practical and effective skills can be incorporated into any style of acupuncture, Asian bodywork, physical therapy or other complementary healthcare methods.

The word HeartMind means many things. Simply put, HeartMind is a state of being.  It is consciousness, love and spirit (shen). When cultivated in a health care setting, compassionate awareness provides a solution for relieving physical symptoms, attuning to intuition, and transforming unhealthy patterns in body and mind.

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