Spring 2007 Newsletter


  • For Your Health: Food Sensitivity Testing
    now available at Moon and Lotus Acupuncture services
    in Eugene and in Lorane at the community clinic
  • For Your Vitality: Qigong class begins Thursday evening,
    June 14th at Lincoln St.
  • For Your Inner Wellness: Contemplative Healing
    with Music, Movement and Art workshop
    at the Moon and Lotus yurt near Lorane





Food and Environmental Sensitivity Testing at Moon and Lotus

Beginning Friday, June 1st, EAV food sensitivity testing will be available at the Lincoln St. office by Carole Warner, ND, LAc. Dr. Warner is a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist who practices in Portland, OR. She specializes in food and environmental sensitivity testing, and she will be coming to Moon and Lotus at regular intervals as we need her. The information below, written by Dr. Warner, describes the benefits and process of EAV testing.

Food and environmental sensitivity testing is a very empowering process, leaving you with a direct experience of how specific foods and environmental substances affect you and your health. If you feel you can benefit from food testing, please call the office at 345-2220 and we will schedule for an appointment. If you cannot come in June, we will let you know about our next testing date.

How does it work?

EAV testing is a technology that is widely used by medical doctors in Europe, and has made its way to the United States. This method of testing is painless and non-invasive (no needles are involved!). While no form of testing is 100% accurate, including allergy testing, EAV testing has been found to be an invaluable tool in helping people to discover what foods or other substances have been affecting their health and how.

Similar to the way an ECG reads the electrical activity of the heart, EAV testing can tell us whether the body is reacting negatively to whatever food or substance is being tested. By testing a wide variety of foods and other substances, we can determine those that do not seem to be a problem as well as those that are. This means that you can continue to eat a broad variety of foods while eliminating foods that are a problem for six weeks. This will allow problematic substances to clear out of your system while you continue to live and work normally. Be it food or environmental substances, only by avoiding all exposure to them, letting them clear out of our system and then reintroducing them slowly, can we determine whether and how they’re effecting us.

Who can benefit?

Many of us are affected either mildly or profoundly by foods or environmental substances. Symptoms can be almost anything, including frequent colds and ear infections, heartburn, constipation or diarrhea, hemorrhoids, stomach aches, headaches or migraines, joint and/ or muscle pain, PMS, ADD, depression or irritability, asthma, painful or excessive periods, allergy/hay fever symptoms, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insomnia, fatigue, and the list goes on and on. The most frustrating thing is that your reaction to foods or environmental substances can be delayed for as much as a couple of days, making it almost impossible to correlate your symptoms or health problems with the food or substance in question. This is why testing is very helpful.

Is it the same as a blood test for food allergies?

Sensitivity testing is not the same as allergy testing. Truthfully, it is not very common to test positive (or allergic) to very many foods. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that foods or other substances aren’t having a causative effect on your various symptoms and health problems, so you are left thinking that there are only a couple of foods that are a problem, when in fact there may be many more that aren’t picked up by allergy testing. Sensitivity testing catches these problem substances, and allows you to put the reliability of the information directly to the test. Once the things you test sensitive to clear out of your system, they can be reintroduced one by one to discover, through direct experience, their effects on your body and your health.

How much does it cost?

Sensitivity Testing is more thorough and less expensive than allergy testing! You will be tested for about 220 foods and 75 environmental substances at less than half the price it would cost you to be allergy tested for that many substances, AND you’ll get a broader picture about which foods and substances may be causing your health problems and weakening your immune system. You can confirm these results yourself.

The fee is $150. to test the 220 foods, and $195 to test the food plus the 75 environmental substances. Insurance may pay part of this cost if your policy covers the services of naturopathic physicians. We ask you to pay fully at the time of service, and we will give you the appropriate paperwork to submit to your insurance company.

By Carole Warner, ND., LAc. Dr Warner is a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist who practices in Portland, OR.

Carole and Kamala will hold a free informational evening about the way that food sensitivity affects your health, at Curves, 23 E. 27th, Thursday, May 30th from 7pm-8pm. RSVP – 345-2220.





Community Acupuncture Clinic

The new Moon and Lotus community clinic is up and running on Monday afternoons from 4pm-6pm. It is located 30 minutes southwest of Eugene near Lorane. The setting is refreshingly beautiful with forest and birds, and the rates are very affordable. Come and experience the healing effects of acupuncture and relaxation in a small group setting.
For more information visit the website: www.moonandlotus.com

For an appointment call the office at 345-2220 and let us know you are interested in the community clinic.





QIGONG: JIN JING GONG – Channels and sinews qigong

Jin Jing Gong is characterized by movements that stretch and strengthen the muscles, tendons and joints. Much like a moving yoga, Jin Jing Gong opens the body and promotes the healthy circulation of blood and energy, thus bringing proper nourishment and functioning to the internal organs.

Kamala is attending a Jin Jing Gong renewal retreat with her former teachers and Jin Jing Gong lineage holders: Professor Wang Qingyu and Heiner Fruehauf in early June. She will be eager to pass on her inspiration, so please come and share the energy!

Thursday evenings: June 14-July 5
Time: 6:15 pm – 7:30 pm
Where: 1844 Lincoln St.
Fee: $24 if paid in advance - $10/session drop-in
To Register: Send check to Kamala Quale, 1844 Lincoln St., #1, Eugene OR 97401, or call 345-2220.





Contemplative Exploration and Inner Healing with Music, Movement and Art

Saturday, June 16th, 5pm – 8pm

Join us for a musical journey of self exploration with cosmic sounds and contemplative movement and drawing. Together we will create a sacred space that renews our vision, engages our inner rhythm, and brings healing to body, mind and spirit.

Dada Ragatmananda will play his cosmic music for us. He is a visionary musician, artist and yogic monk who dedicates his life to expanding awareness through yoga, meditation and music. Dada plays flute, sitar and keyboard that he has enhanced with sound that carries the mind into the universe.

Shanti Secrest will lead us in drawing. Shanti is an artist, yogi, ayurvedic educator and LMT

Kamala Quale will lead us in movement. She is a qigong instructor and practitioner of classical Chinese medicine.

We will provide drawing materials.
Please bring musical instruments and join us for a spontaneous musical jam after the workshop ends.
Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes.

Location: Moon and Lotus yurt, 30 minutes southwest of Eugene near Lorane
Donation: $20-35. – All proceeds go to support Dada’s work and living expenses
RSVP: to register and get directions call Kamala at 345-2220 or send email: kquale@moonandlotus.com