Office Directions

I look forward to seeing you at my new office!

Below are directions on how to get to my new office at 966 Lorane Hwy. in South Eugene:

From 18th and Jefferson

Go south on Jefferson to 28th St. Turn right. Then turn left at the first street, Madison. Continue up Madison to the first street, which is Lorane Hwy. Turn right onto Lorane Hwy. In a short distance you will come to a stop sign at the intersection of Lorane Hwy. with Friendly St. on your right, and Storey Blvd. on your left. After this intersection, 966 Lorane Hwy. is the fourth left you can make. It is two tenths of a mile.

The third left is a drive with the address sign 918. The road starts curving to the left. At the end of this curve is the driveway for the office, 966 Lorane Hwy.

There is a 966 address sign on a tree at the bottom of the drive. There is also a 940 sign under it. The office is in the beige house.

You can park in front of the house and walk up to the front door. Come in and go down the stairs to the small waiting room on the left. I will come to get you for your appointment. There is also a rest room there for your convenience.

From Willamette and 29th St.

The office is 1 mile from here. Go west on 29th. A short distance after the light at Lincoln St., most of the traffic curves to the right as 29th becomes 28th. However, you can go towards the stop sign instead of curving to the right. Just ahead of you is the beginning of Lorane Hwy. Continue to the intersection of Lorane Hwy. with Friendly and Storey Blvd and follow the directions above.

From Chambers and 28th

Go east on 28th until you get to the first traffic light which is at Friendly St. Turn right on Friendly. Drive up to the first stop sign which is Lorane Hwy. Make a sharp right turn. The driveway for 966 Lorane Hwy is the fourth left you can make. Follow the directions above.

From Chambers and Lorane Hwy.

The office is just less than one mile from here. Head east on Lorane Hwy. After you pass Van Buren on your right, look for a yellow traffic sign that says 15 mph with an arrow pointing to the left. Turn right onto the driveway just after that sign. If you pass it and get to Friendly St. you have gone too far. Turn around and follow the directions above.


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