HeartMind Method


The HeartMind Method teaches you to expand your ability to perceive and attend to subtle indicators of internal process. These indicators are explored in the moment with an attitude of mindfulness, curiosity, acceptance, and partnership. Practitioner and client become aware of underlying emotions, core beliefs and coping mechanisms that affect body structure and function.

These skills help you get past the story and cut to the essential elements in a case quickly. It leads to a different kind of treatment planning. L.H, ND, LAc, Portland, OR

There are four basic skills used over and over to accomplish this goal.

The first is the therapeutic use of Mindfulness. You teach clients to slow down the process and explore their present experience. Mindful awareness is integrated into all aspects of the process and is a key therapeutic tool. Practitioners guide awareness to quiet the thinking mind, move qi, harmonize the emotions, and open the door to healing insight and wisdom.

The second is the ability to listen and perceive on multiple levels, and to recognize indicators of internal process in body and mind. These indisputable signs help you follow the process. We call this Tracking.

The third is communicating what you notice in a way that demonstrates understanding, ties elements of the process together, and focuses awareness on the experience in the moment. We call this Contact.

The fourth is Directing Awareness and working in present time. This includes suggestions, directives and specific questions that focus the mind towards present experience. You learn to engage curiosity and use an experimental attitude to keep awareness in the moment to discover core beliefs and new options.

These skills make your job easier and minimize burnout. They help clients do their own work and take pressure off the practitioner to be the expert who carries the responsibility for healing.

This work helps patients and practitioners make a connection to the body and develop an internal reference point. E. Goldsmith, LAc, Shiatsu practitioner

HeartMind skills benefit practitioners personally. In the experiential exercises that characterize HeartMind Solutions workshops, participants alternate in the role of practitioner and patient. Exercises are designed to practice skills and explore your own inner landscape. You learn to feel more comfortable handling emotions and inner conflicts, and discover how your own patterns get in the way of healing.

As you integrate self reflection, proper pacing, letting go and embracing the moment, your healing presence grows. This adds to your ability to be a more effective healer and guide. You begin to see yourself and your clients with a different lens. The healing journey of others can be a means of self cultivation when you are able to study how you react and respond to different situations and challenges you face everyday in your practice.

The renewal retreats for practitioners are specifically designed to help you study how your practice and your business are metaphors for your own personal and spiritual growth. While you earn CEU’s and network with other practitioners, you renew and refresh in nature and take a new look at your practice and your life.

After years of study and practice, it’s rare that I discover an entirely new resource. That’s what happened this weekend. I discovered a way of accessing information I’ve never really used before. This will greatly enhance my practice and really my whole life. C. Warner ND, LAc

Kamala Quale is the originator of the HeartMind Method which has grown from her 25 years of experience as a practitioner of classical Chinese medicine and her studies in western psychology and bodywork. The most influential methods have been Hakomi Body-Centered Psychology, and Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure™.

Her work is also highly influenced by years of meditation and study in Tantra yoga and Taoist qigong practices, and her experiences with Jungian analysis. Kamala is a certified practitioner and teacher for the Hakomi Institute and the Jin Shin Do Foundation. She has authored articles on mind-body-spirit integration and is a contributing author in A Complete Guide to Acupressure.