HeartMind Logo

HeartMind and the Moon and Lotus logo

The logo of the moon and lotus symbolizes HeartMind because it represents the unfolding of consciousness.  The lotus flower is connected with both the sun and the moon. Most lotuses start from the muddy depths and open their clean, pure petals to the sun, which symbolizes love and spiritual enlightenment. However, the white lotus blooms at night. The night lotus drinks in the light of the moon, and keeps her love for the moon alive.

The moon mirrors the light of the sun.  Thus the moon symbolizes human awareness which reflects the source of universal consciousness that illuminates it. The moon also represents that which is unconscious, and is brought to light through awareness. The physical body of the moon is like our physical body, which often manifests unconscious issues through physical symptoms.

Since the lotus flower starts in the mud and comes out clean, it represents our efforts to persevere through difficulty and emerge with beauty. It is an artistic metaphor for the healing journey.

Chinese medicine uses the term “shen” is conjunction with the expressive creativity of human beings, and the light of consciousness that shines in the eyes and is harbored in the immaterial heart.  The word HeartMind references shen, which is one of our three treasures along with jing (our physical body) and qi (our vitality).

Jingqishen is another way of saying bodymindspirit. In HeartMind work we focus shen to heal jing and qi.