Fall 2007 Newsletter


  • Qigong at the Yurt
  • Herb Corner: Immune Support and Herbs for Colds and Sore Throat
  • Food Sensitivity: Free Talk, Oct 11 and Testing Dates, Oct 12-13
  • Women's Health: Inner and Outer Balance with the Help of Hormones
  • Hints for Couples from the Recent Couples Weekend Workshop






Walking, Breathing and Moving with Qi
Saturday morning Qigong Classes with Kamala
October 27th, November 17th, and December 15th, 10 am - 1 pm

These Saturday morning qigong classes at the yurt offer a refreshing and relaxing nature experience the feeds body and soul. The three hours of continuous practice deepens our ability to feel the healing effects of qigong and be better able to continue our practice at home. This fall we will learn JIN JING GONG - Channels and sinews qigong. Kamala will also introduce a qigong movement form that she calls, Opening to Grace.*

Jin Jing Gong is characterized by shaking, walking and movements that stretch and strengthen the muscles, tendons and joints. Much like a moving yoga, Jin Jing Gong opens the body and promotes the healthy circulation of blood and energy, thus bringing proper nourishment and functioning to the internal organs.

In Opening to Grace we move softly and systematically in all directions as we give and receive life force energy (qi) from each of our energy centers (chakras). This beautiful practice helps cultivate a loving relationship with the great unbroken wholeness we find in nature and in ourselves. This practice energizes and calms at the same time. It helps you feel lighter and more connected to your intuitive awareness.

* The phrase, opening to grace, is used frequently in the anusara yoga tradition, and seems perfect for this qigong form.

We will intersperse movement with sitting and standing meditation.

The yurt is located in the Lorane Valley, 30 minutes SW of Eugene.

To register call 345-2220 or email kquale@moonandlotus.com

Fee: $15-30





Immune Support and Herbs for Colds and Sore Throat

One of the many uses of acupuncture and Chinese herbs is to boost the immune system and promote the healthy functioning of the internal organ systems. Our immune system works best when we feel happy and are doing things that are meaningful and satisfying. However, meeting demands from work, school, family and even our creative endeavors can lead to the kind of stress that taxes our immune system and makes us more vulnerable to colds, flu, sinus infection and headache.

The best immune support is to keep your system balanced by getting enough rest, fun, exercise and eating a healthy diet. Acupuncture and herbs that meet your constitutional needs are also best for enhancing your immune system. If you do get sick, acupuncture and herbs can also provide support for reducing and eliminating the symptoms.

For a sore throat or cold there are Chinese herbal formulas that can help reduce and even eliminate symptoms if taken at the first onset of symptoms. Yin Qiao San and Gan Mao Ling can be taken concurrently to reduce sore throat and nasal congestion. I have these formulas at the office along with a new product called Viracin, which is made from plant tannins and reduces the virus count substantially. I find that these three and extra Vitamin C at night is a winning combination. For chronic sinus problems be sure to start a "nose drink" with a gentle saline solution daily to prevent bacteria from accumulating, and to treat an infection that has started.





Free Talk and Testing Dates

Carole Warner, ND, LAc and Kamala Quale, LAc will be presenting a free talk on food sensitivity and how it affects your health, Thursday October 11, 6:30-8pm, at the Tamarack Wellness Center, 3575 Donald St. in Eugene. Please come and invite your friends to find out about this important topic. Food sensitivities contribute to a wide variety of chronic health problems including: digestive upset - bloating, diarrhea, constipation; respiratory issues - sinusitis, asthma, excess phlegm; pain - joint pain, fibromyalgia, chronic inflammation of tendons and ligaments.

Carole will be testing people for food and environmental sensitivities at Moon and Lotus on Friday and Saturday, October 12 - 13, and November 16-17. Call the office at 345-2220 to schedule an appointment.

Once you have been tested for food sensitivities, you are encouraged to eliminate these foods from your diet for six weeks to clear your system. You can then reintroduce food items one at a time for up to three days and see which ones cause symptoms to reoccur.

Carole and Kamala are available to help with follow-up care as needed. We are working with Capella market and Sundance Natural Foods as resources for ideas about what kinds of foods you can buy to substitute for sensitivities to foods like wheat, dairy, etc. You can contact Elaine at Capella, 2489 Willamette, and Laura at Sundance (vitamin dept), 748 E. 24th, and ask them to point out some options.





Inner and Outer Balance with the Help of Hormones

As women, we are motivated to orient our energy externally or internally depending on the hormone balance in a given part of our menstrual cycle and/or stage of life. In The Wisdom of Menopause, Christiane Northrup, M.D. reports that in a study in the 1930's two women, one a psychoanalyst and the other a medical doctor, found that in the first part of the menstrual cycle when estrogen is normally high, women are more focused on their external life. We usually feel good and it is easier to put stresses and problems on the back burner. At ovulation we are more relaxed and receptive to being cared for and loved by others. After ovulation and especially before the period, when progesterone is high and estrogen in lower, we are more focused internally.

In perimenopause and menopause the hormones FSH and LH that trigger estrogen and progesterone production are high and remain high even though we are no longer producing eggs. This change in brain chemistry means that women in midlife are naturally drawn to their inner life. New creative energy is released and we are primed to be in touch with our spiritual nature. The opportunity arises to find a new relationship to ourselves, our issues and our world.

Our biological ebb and flow gives us the opportunity to tune in and reach out on a regular basis. This is another example of the way that as human beings we are tuned and prompted by the universe to be in balance. Inner and outer are two aspects of the whole person just as night and day are to the cycle of the sun. Finding balance and continuity between inner development and outer expression brings happiness and meaning to our lives.

It is easy to ignore nature's inner promptings. For example we often strive to maintain unrealistic levels of activity when we really want to be internal or rest. We loose our ability to relax and replenish. This can drain our reserves and we don't have the vital energy (qi) we would like to bring to our relationships, creative endeavors or spiritual practice. We don't spend enough time in our inner world to know what our true desires and longings are.

Conversely, we may not reach out to connect, express and work in the world in a way that is satisfying for us. We may feel stuck in a dead end job or relationship. We may not take enough time to develop our social network, friendships, and service work. We forget to ask for help when we need it. A recent study involving women and stress showed that it is important for women to be with other women and children during stressful times because these activities encourage the production of ocytocin, a hormone that decreases the stress hormones.

In each and every moment, our body responds to the events in our life with tension or relaxation, pain or pleasure, restraint or flow. Unresolved emotions and other stress shifts our hormonal balance. Over time this can manifest as PMS, migraines, depression, anxiety, stress eating and weight gain, insomnia, painful or irregular periods and severe menopausal symptoms.

Bodymind acupuncture can help with inner and outer balance and hormone regulation. It can help ease unpleasant physical symptoms and replenish our vital energy so we can enjoy life. Bodymind acupuncture involves the insertion of needles into important acupuncture points, along with inner focusing methods that help explore patterns of mental and emotional tension that manifest as physical symptoms. This opens a doorway to a better understanding of our needs and desires. The names of some of the acupuncture points speak to our inner nature: Inner frontier gate, Spirit path, Gate of Hope, Room of the Will.

Use bodymind acupuncture to facilitate relaxation and stress management, and create a feeling of inner ease. The combination of acupuncture and directed, body-centered awareness, is an empowering method that helps relieve physical symptoms and connect with the joy of living. As emotions clear and the mind quiets, we become aware of the internal and external resources needed to overcome obstacles and move through life transitions.





Hints for Couples from the Couples Weekend Workshop

The weekend workshop that happened at the yurt on Sept 29-30, with Beth Falch-Nielsen offered couples a chance to explore and enhance their relationship in an atmosphere of safety and support. Here are some of the things the participants had to say:

"We learned very helpful tools for nurturing a loving relationship. Tools we can take home and use."

"There was lots of time and space to explore our process."

"My intention in coming was to determine if my relationship was salvageable. I left convinced that it was and with tools to make it so."

"I love the idea of organizing around our lovingness and seeing the divine in my partner."

In the workshop, couples were given exercises to practice together about communication that emphasizes speaking from your own needs, listening to your partner with the intent of really understanding what s/he is saying, and finding win-win solutions to issues that reflect your lovingness and nourish your relationship.

One of the exercises helped couples spend time talking about how their relationship was balanced among a triangle of forces that include: intention, participation and aliveness.
Intention means what you want as an individual and as a couple. Where do you want your relationship to go? It also means clarifying, in the moment, each person's intention for the activity they are engaging in. One person's intention for a "date" may be very different from his or her partners. Participation means how you show up. Do you participate in a way that gets you what you want? Aliveness means the actual energy you have to put towards your intention. Do you save energy for your time together? Or do you use all of your energy in the other activities of your life and give your relationship the leftovers.

I hope to bring Beth back for another couples weekend March 15-16, 2008. Let me know if you want to be on the mailing list for that event.