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Qi and Qigong

Qi Vitality Kamala QualeAccording to Taoist (pronounced Daoist) cosmology, which is a study of the structure and origin of the universe, qi (chee) or vital life energy, is the basic constituent of all things both visible and invisible. Qi is the movement force of the universe. Movement, flux and change characterize the universe we live in. Since matter and qi (energy) are interchangeable, we feel the best when we can flow harmoniously with the shifting movement of change. Illness and stress can imbalance the inner movement of qi and cause pain and dis-ease.

An abundance of energy is with us in every moment. Qigong forms are methods that teach us to recognize, absorb and direct qi movement in body and mind to bring healing and peace. They include focused movements, breathing, meditation, and visualizations that help us consciously connect our inner world with our outer environment to increase healing and vitality.

Is Qigong like Tai Chi?

Many of the movements in qigong look like tai chi (taiji). Qigong began as the dances of ancient shaman women and men (called wu) in China to connect with the great spirit of life. Over time people realized that these practices could direct energy towards healing, spiritual enlightenment and self-defense. Martial art forms, like taiji, evolved from these early dances.


Qigong for Spinal Flexibility and Mental Clarity + Spirit Points to Transform Feelings

Monday, September 24 – October 29, 6:30-8:30 pm, 5 weeks of instruction, class does not meet on October 15.

In the first hour of this class we will learn qigong basics and a flowing qigong form that loosens and strengthens the spine, nervous system and brain. It brings clarity to the mind and eases the body much like an ancient form of cranio-sacral therapy. It is called Tian Dao Shen Ming Gong or The Original Light of the Heavenly Path Qigong.

In the second half of class we will learn about the meridian of the month and practice using the spirit points on the chest to transform feeling states.

This class is good for those new to qigong as well as more experienced practitiioners

For more info and to register or call Kamala at 541-345-2220, or email

Fee: $100 or $90 if paid in full by Sept 16, 2018

Text: Meridian Health Almanac, e-book download, $13.50

Qigong to Open the Tendons & Ligaments to Strengthen the Body

Monday, November 5, 12, 19 and December 3, 10, 17, 6 weeks

In the first hour of class we will learn the Jin Jing Gong 14 form that has Buddhist origins and was taught in ancient times in the Shaolin temple in China. Much like a standing yoga, it promotes the qi flow in the body by opening the meridians via the tendons and ligaments. A standing meditation is integrated into this form to balance the yin and yang aspects.

Practice will be followed by discussion and sitting meditation.

This class is open to those who have some experience with qigong and would like to learn a more vigorous form.

For more info and to register or call Kamala at 541-345-2220, or email

Fee: $120, or $108 if paid in full by October 29, 2018

Opening the Windows of the Sky Points – Self-Care Acupressure

Sunday, October 28,  10 am – 4 pm 

Opening the Window points promotes increased circulation to the brain and helps us give voice to feelings and insight. Window points are grouped in the neck and base of skull. The neck is called the celestial chimney because it is the passageway between the head (sky) and body (earth). A clean chimney promotes efficient circulation of qi.

Window points are on the yang meridians in the neck and include the Triple Warmer and Gall Bladder meridians which are in the monthly spotlight in November and December. Class will include point location and stimulation on self and with a partner, and a discussion of the TW and GB meridians with health tips to create well-being through winter solstice.

This class is open to anyone and especially people who took the neck release class last year as these points are easily added to the basic neck release.

For more info and to register or call Kamala at 541-345-2220, or email

Fee: $55 or $49 if paid in full by November 18
Text: Health Meridian Almanac, e-book download, $13.50