New Years 2013 Newsletter

New Years 2013 Newsletter

Moon and Lotus
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Happy New Year 2013!!

As the sun returns and the calendar year changes, I am wishing you a very blessed, prosperous and healthy 2013. Thank you for your confidence in me as a practitioner and teacher. I look forward to seeing you in the coming year, and sharing information and practices that can help you meet your goals for health and happiness.

February 10, 2013 is the beginning of the Chinese New Year. Last year was the year of the Dragon and 2013 is the year of the Snake. The Snake is more private and reticent than the dragon and is a symbol of wisdom. Let’s hope all of us, and humanity at large, can use the energy of the New Year to work hard for wise and peaceful solutions to our problems. On February 10th I will host a special qigong practice to celebrate. See classes below for more info.


New Office

New Office Location

The year of the Dragon 2012 has been a transformational one for me and perhaps for you too. For those of you who have not heard yet, I have moved my office to 966 Lorane Hwy, in south Eugene near the intersection of 28th and Friendly Sts. My phone number remains the same (541) 345-2220.

I invite you to visit me at this cozy and newly remodeled space. It offers a quiet rural-like environment while being in the city. You may have seen me here for acupressure and counseling sessions or acupuncture in the 1990’s. I also taught many classes here, including a Thursday morning qigong class that continued for 12 years.

New Office Location





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Teaching and Travel

Lago di Garda, Italy

In September 2012, I had the opportunity to join teachers of Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure in northern Italy for their Lake Garda Summer School for English speaking students. I taught qigong, and enhanced listening skills to the students and teachers there. Lago di Garda is a beautiful area in the Lombardy area of Italy. It is near Verona and Venice.

Afterwards, my husband David and I travelled south to Sicily where I connected with the birthplaces of my grandparents and enjoyed the warm weather, the history and Mediterranean culture. Then it was off to Rome, with more history, life in the streets and the completion of a very memorable and meaningful adventure. Definitely put Italy on your travel list.

If you’d like to see more of an account and pictures you can read my travel blog: Be sure to click archive for the earlier posts.


Qigong – Taoist Yoga – Movement, Meditation and Healing

I am a lover of yoga whether from India or China. I actually started with yoga practice and lifestyle from India in the 1970’s. When I first learned qigong in the 1980’s, it was part of the healing path of Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure. We called it Taoist Yoga. It was only later that the term qigong came into popular use. I like the word qigong, which means working with energy from the vital breath. However, calling qigong practice Taoist Yoga, connects it with practices from India, and perhaps gives it a more familiar association for people to understand.

All yoga uses movement and meditation to direct awareness, quiet the thinking mind, and strengthen and heal the body and internal organs. This is accomplished by regulating the breath, directing the mind and increasing circulation with focused movement. The mind is centered on the body and in the moment. This is the true vacation. Mind and body relax and emotional well-being is generated.

Shirfu holding the mountain.
Shifu Wang - lineage head of Jin Jing Gong
Teaching in China during Kamala’s trip 2010

Taoist yoga-qigong practices can be free form or structured. One movement flows into the next which gives it a slow-moving, dance like quality. Each movement is coordinated with the breath and a visualization that helps us connect our inner environment to the natural environment outside the body. Each pose has its structure (or prose), and its poetry.

For example, one of the movements in the Jin Jing Gong 14 form is called Upholding the Mountain. The practitioner assumes a firm stance and extends the arms out to the sides with palms up. The visualization is that you are a mountain, and you hold a mountain in the center of each palm. The mountains, in turn, hold up the sky.

This posture illustrates the Taoist perspective that we are an integral part of the universe and draw strength and nourishment from it. In the standing meditation in the Jin Jing Gong system, the practitioner cultivates the inner feeling that goes with the words: I am in the universe, the universe is in me, I am one with the universe.

Taoist yoga-qigong practices also include the use of sound and color to energize and heal the internal organs. When practiced regularly, these exercises help to create an inner resilience and creativity in mind and body that we can tap into in times of stress or illness. When your mind and body feel stronger, and your actions can become more purposeful, your satisfaction with life increases.

In 2013, I will be offering both introductory and continuing Taoist Yoga-Qigong movement, meditation and healing groups.

The first is Saturday, January 12th, from 10am – 12:30pm. See Classes below:


Taoist Yoga-Qigong Class Schedule

To Register: email me at or call 541-345-2220

The following three introductory-continuing groups will follow the format described below.

1. Saturday: January 12, 2013
10am – 12:30pm
Location: 966 Lorane Hwy office in south Eugene
Fee: $20

2. Chinese New Year Qigong Practice
Sunday: Feb 10, 2013
10 – 12:30pm
Location: TBA
Fee: $20

3. Saturday: March 16, 2013
10am – 12:30pm
Location: TBA
Fee: $20

In the first half of the class we will practice foundational movements that help you focus internally, shake off wandering thoughts and distracting tension, and feel more centered in the moment, in your body and in the universe.

In the second half of the class we will practice the Jin Jing Gong 14 form. Beginning students may elect to leave at the mid-time break. This form is like a Taoist yoga that stretches and strengthens body and mind.


Continuing Taoist Yoga-Qigong winter movement and healing group

Six Monday evenings:
5:30pm – 7pm

Begins: February 4, 2013
Ends: March 18, 2013
(No class March 4th)

Location: 966 Lorane Hwy office in south Eugene
Fee: $85

Pre-requisite: Interested people who have completed the three above intro-continuing groups can join the Monday evening class in April, 2013.

If you have taken other introductory classes or private instruction with me and want to join the Feb-March class, email me at or call 541-345-2220


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